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Paravents personnalisés - Bonieux



Visual Artist

Room dividers

Discover these works with multiple uses and find the one that will sublimate your space!
An indoor room divider can hide, but also reveal, highlight.
Poetic and mysterious, these original folding screens are real works of art with multiple uses that will inspire you daydreams and fantasies...

Paravent original & design - Bonieux
Geneviève Bonieux, artiste plasticienne

Discover my work
as a visual artist

As a visual artist, I use fibreglass, resin, plexiglas...these industrial materials make up my works of art, loaded with pigments, powdered or sheet metals, real candies or plastic toys. My favorite creations are screens, or lighting. I speak in my art about major human themes, such as motherhood, marriage for all, animal rights,  food...

Other works

Discover my works, all one-of-a-kind works of art, with versatile uses... Find the one to best enhance your space.

Coupe forme - Objet art déco - Bonieux
La peinture à l'aquarelle

Future Events 




Exposition "Binômes Centenaires" à Lappelier


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